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    • Jeju Island An Ultimate Destination For The Newly Wed Couple


      Whether you are looking for the best honeymoon destination or wish to jazz up your mind seeing the natural beauty, Jeju Island is an ideal place to choose. Why it is high in demand among the visitors? Let셲 narrow down.


      jeju island


      A Bit About Jeju

      It is a wonderful island holds the incredible magic to leave anyone speechless. It is also called as the 쏧sland of the Gods because of its incredible beauty.


      Activities to Do in Jeju Island

      - Scuba Diving - It is one of the most popular activities among the visitors. Here, you can go for dive trips in Korean, German and English.

      - Submarine Tour - Have you ever experienced the underwater life? No!!! Then you must go for Submarine tour. It takes you a depth of about 30 meters.

      - Visit Loveland - This Loveland is enough to land you to another world. But you must not go with your parents




      Places To Visit In Jeju

      - Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak - To experience the wonderful sunrise scene, Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak is an ideal place. You may reach here by bus conveniently.

      - Manjanggul Cave - It is the longest lava tube in the world and you must not skip it to visit. It is enough to bring goose bump when you will see its splendid interior.

      - Cheonjiyeon Falls - To get a splendid view of water falling from steep cliff, Cheonjiyeon Falls comes first at the fingertips.

      - Hallasan Mountain - Jeju is blessed with the highest mountain namely Hallasan. It is enough to land you to another place.

      - Teddy Bear Museum - Do you love Teddy Bear, it is must visit place for you. There is a gigantic collection of bear, which belong to various countries. There are two galleries fully loaded with cute teddy bears.

      - Yeomiji Botanic Garden - It is the largest botanical garden in Asia blessed with 1200 species of subtropical and tropical plants. Yeomiji drives from Chinese language which means 쏥arden Paradise




      Shopping In Jeju Island

      - Jeju Five-Day Ambulant Markets - It is a five-day concept market, which is flooded with a plethora of coral pieces, lava rock pieces, shells, mother of pearls, sculptures and much more. Apart from it, you can buy beautiful and eye-catching handcrafted pieces.

      - Jeju Underground Shopping Street - Here, you can find more than 377 outlets to serve you wonderful shopping experience. You can hunt everything right form footwear, clothes, local crafts to accessories at reasonable prices.

      - Jeju Folks Arts Complex - For the art lovers, it is just like a paradise as you can explore a wide collection of artists, painters, sculptors, tradition drss, local handicrafts and much more.

      - Tap-dong - Do you have great fond of night shopping, Tap-dong is all set to serve add great shopping experience to your life. Here, you explore the sizeable collection of local handicrafts.


      What about Celebration in Jeju Island

      The Jeju Fire Festival is widely known festival and one should experience it in order to make your journey memorable. This festival is dedicated to the local farmers. It is typically celebrated in February.

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