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    • Why Everyone Is Visiting Hongdae?


      Hongdae is one of the most highly recommended places, when it comes to visit Seoul. There is a ton of things to do, place to visit and much more. Let셲 check out.


      trick eye museum


      What to Visit In Hongdae

      Hongdae Playground Free Market - This market is oozing with a gigantic collection of stylish and eye-catching clothes. Here, one can also find the replica dress of their favourite celebrities.

      Trick Eye Museum - Do you wish to get stomach cramps while laughing? Visit Trick Eye Museum as it serves you a lot of fun. Do not forget to bring your camera.

      Single Bars - Do not have a boyfriend. Single Bar is a place where you can go with your single friends.




      Where & What To Eat In Hongdae

      Seoul's financial hub is divided between here and Yeouido where the Korea Stock Exchange is located. Major insurance, securities, financial services companies, and investment firms with headquarters in Myeongdong include Citibank, SK Corporation, Kookmin Bank, Korea Exchange Bank, Lone Star Funds, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, AIG Korea Insurance, Hana Bank, and HSBC. The Bank of Korea is also in the vicinity.

      Hello Kitty Cafe - It is just breathtaking. Whether it is exterior or interior, both are just mindboggling. This amazing cafe is dipped in the lovely pink color.

      Snow Spoon - All the ice-cream lovers are invited here to taste ice-cream, but in a different style. The yummy frozen yogurt style ice cream is widely popular and you must not skip this chance to taste it.




      The Best 6 Things To Do In Hongdae

      - Do you wish to look glamorous? You need to head beauty care shops, which can make you so much prettier within no time. They serve everything right from Eyelash extension, skin care, waxing, Nail arts, make up etc.

      - Exploring eye-catching and creative street arts are another way to refresh the mind as well as learn something new. Here, street arts can be seen everywhere all across Hongdae.

      - IFor shopping, you just need to make a stroll around Hongik University Hongdae Shopping Area. It is blessed with the hundred of clothing and cosmetic stores both. They remain open until 10-11pm every night that means you have enough time for enjoying shopping.

      - Do you love street performances? Hongdae is all set to jazz up your mind every night as it is loaded with different street musicians. You may find them at every 20 steps. These music performances are enough to make the mood of young and energetic.

      - There is no dearth of events in Hongdae as they are going on every day. Have you heard about the Silent Disco? The concept is amazing. Actually, it is like a street club where everyone wearing headphones and indulged in the music and dance without creating a disturbance for others.

      - In Hongdae, there are more than 20 to 30 clubs. To get entered in these clubs, you just need to look sexy and young without considering about elegance suit or dress. Gogos, Cocoon, HOBAR, Mama Gorilla, Big Baby, Dancing Teacher and the list goes on


      What You Must Not Miss In Hongdae

      Nanta theatre - If you have a great inclination towards cooking, then you must get in Nanta theatre. It does not belong to a particular age, people of all ages will enjoy it. Apart from it, language is not a barrier, as they do not speak throughout the show.

      Bibimbap - Whether it is staff or the service, both are just mind-blowing.

      Get a Tattoo - To look pretty much stylish, tattoo and piercing are very cool to choose.


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