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      Sinchon is a great place to visit with the friends as it takes you away from the tension and enough to make your mood within no time. Sinchon is also popular for having a number of reputed universities like Sogang, Ewha and Yonsei. Here, we are going to serve you information in order to bring you out from the dilemma that where and what to eat, shopping places, Nightlife, festival and much more.


      Place To Visit in Sinchon

      Though there are many places, but those which make it unique are Yonsei University, Sinchon Station, Yonsei College Street, Hyundai Department Store and Theatre District.


      Where and What To Eat In Sinchon

      Maetdol Soondubu What about tofu soup? If it is your favourite then head to Maetdol Soondubu. It is one of the very popular places where you can enjoy a variety of tofu soup like Beef tofu soup, pork tofu soup, Oyster tofu and the list goes on.

      Hwangso Gopchang It is another place which one should not miss at any rate. It serves grilled intestines of either cattle or pork. Not only this, you are welcome if you wish to taste differing parts of the intestines like Gopchang, Daechang, Beolijipui or Makchang. It is just like a paradise for the intestines lovers.

      Bok Sung Gak It is the most sought after Chinese restaurants and worth for taste various delicious dishes. Here, you can find more than 40 different types of noodles and rich based dishes. Bok Sung Gak rules over the heart of food enthusiast because of its most popular dish namely Jajang Myeon and Tang Soo Yook. The friendly environment and the way of maintaining hygiene will make you fall in love with it.

      Sodojeok Saying would not be wrong that it is the best beef restaurant in Sinchon. Though it looks very simple, but it is all about the quality for which it has become an apple of beef lovers.


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      Shopping In Sinchon

      Grocery Shopping - For grocery shopping in Sinchon, you may choose Grand Mart, Homeplus, E-mart etc. They are reputed huge retailers hold a gigantic collection of raw food, fresh vegetables, fruits, bathroom products etc., at reasonable prices.

      Hyundai Department Store / U-Plex - It is a best place to go for indoor shopping. It is situated underground walkway and engaged to sell stylish clothes and accessories at reasonable prices.

      Mind Bridge - It is a perfect place to buy quality western clothes. Whether you want formal or casual wear, everything you would find here.

      Glass Story - This is another most sought after shop in Sinchon offers a wide array of quality based contact lens.




      Nightlife in Sinchon

      Sinchon is all set to serve you a wonderful Nightlife. There are a number of bars and clubs which serve you cheap drinks and do not put an extra burden on your pocket. Beer O'Clock and Mike셲 Cabin are the most prominent.


      Sinchon셲 Festival

      If you have scheduled a visit to Sinchon then you must skip the Sinchon Cultural festival, which is celebrated every year in May. There is a number of things that will make you to get hooked with your chair.

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