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      garosugil, gangnam


      Garosugil Is An Ideal Place For Shopaholics And Gastronome

      Korea is regarded as the fashion capital of Asia. But do you have any idea about the fashion capital of Korea? It is Garosugil. It is just like a paradise for the fashionistas all across the world. But it is not famous only for shopping but it emerges in the mind first when it comes to an ideal place to hang out with friends, click amazing photographers, make lovely memorable videos, go out on dates and the list goes on. Apart from it, whether you are looking for special dessert stores, handmade accessories or fancy coffee shop, everything is available here. If you are not in the mood to do any of the above mentioned then strolling, having a cup of coffee is enough to rejuvenate you.


      garosugil, gangnam


      A Bit About Garosugil

      The beautiful place Garosu-gil is an area situated in the upmarket area of Sinsadong, Gangnam, Seoul. The meaning of Garosugil is Tree-Lined Street as it beautifully decorated with the 700-m-long promenade. Those who wish to head a place infused with the natural beauty and modernity must choose Garosugil. It is loaded with a myriad of retail stores, cafes, art galleries etc. that means it is an ideal place for the people who wish to spend quality time checking out as many cafes as they could.


      Why Visit Garosugil

      If you love taking pictures all the time in order to prepare a memorable album, Garosugil is a perfect place.

      Since it is a fashion capital, everyone looks as same as a model. To get inspired, one should visit this place.

      Higher chances to meet celebrities since a number of celebrities visit it.


      garosugil, spicy color


      What To See In Garosugil

      MAGMG - At the time of making entry, you would find a store namely MAGMAG. It serves you a gigantic collection of recognized brands like Jeremy Scott Joyrich, Lazy Oaf etc.

      Spicy Colour - It is adjacent to MAGMAG and provides a wide collection of Korean Clothes.

      Joyrich - It is very popular as its exterior is just mind-blowing. Here you can find people taking photos.




      Where To Eat In Garosugil

      The Best Cafes - For the cafe lovers, Garosugil has always been just like a boon. Banana Tree, O셲ulloc Tea House, Remicone, Good Night And Good Luck, Iki Roll Katsu, Cafe De Paris, Sambazon Boto Acai and Deux Cremes are the name of prominent cafes and you must not skip.

      The Best Resturants - Patio, Yangchul Cooking, Bad Farmers are the name of the nice restaurants indulged in serving the delicious food.


      What You Must Not Miss About Garosugil

      Hi Seoul Festival - It is one of the most sought after and popular festival. It is a kind of cultural celebration, which takes place in the spring and fall in Seoul, South Korea. The festival is dedicated to demonstrate the incredible art, entertainment, history and culture visitors, whether they are native and international.


      Where To Stay In Garosugil

      These hotels rule over the heart of the visitors because of catering mind-blowing services, delicious food, and eye-catching interiors and so on.

      1. Stay Gangnam

      2. Garosu Stay-Hostel

      3. Jenna Suite Gangnam Garosu-Gil

      4. Chole Guest House

      5. Melting Pot House

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