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    DMZ Tour Overview
    쨌 Time 08:00-14:30
    쨌 Number of persons 1
    쨌 Price 55,000 KRW
    쨌 Itinerary
    Pick up place 넂 Imjingak Park 넂 The Unification Bridge 넂 ID Check 넂 DMZ theater and exhibition hall 넂 The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel 넂 Dora Observatory 넂 Dorasan Station 넂 Amethyst or Ginseng Center 넂 Drop off in Itaewon
    쨌 Conditions
    * DMZ Tour is closed on Mondays and National Holidays.
    * Passport is required!
    * Snekers are required!
    When it is closed in case of some special situation.DMZ will be replaced by plan B non-refundable(Heavy rain or snow, military training)
    * Plan B: Tomorrow's Whistle-Bunker Beat 131-Odusan Unification Tower-The War memorial of Korea
    쨌 Includes
    English Guide, Transportation, Pick up in Hotel(Seoul), Admission fee

    Reservation On Website ONLY

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  • DMZ Tour: Highlights

    DMZ Tour: Introduction
    DMZ is a buffer zone between two Koreas, bisecting the Korean Peninsula
    DMZ has been the most popular tourist spot of Korea for foreigners since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The purpose of the zone is to prevent the recurrence of war between North & South Koreas.
    The zone ranges 2 km north and south respectively from the ceasefire line of 1953. The land stretches across the Korean Peninsula 155 miles from the mouth of Han River to the East Coast.
    It셲 one of the most well-preserved wild-life refuges where peace and tension coexist. The President of Korea, Park Geun-hye, is pushing to build a 쐏eace park in the DMZ as a new symbol of political reconciliation and ecological conservation.

    DMZ Tour: Historical Backgrounds
    The surrender of Japan in 1945 at the end of Pacific War saw the division of Korea by the 38th parallel line when the US and the Soviet Union moved into Korean Peninsula. The division line was intended to be a temporary political border, but the failure to hold free election throughout the peninsula in 1948 deepened the division between the two sides.
    The North Korean tanks crossed the 38th line at the dawn of June 25, 1950. The war lasted for three years and one month to cost more than two million people's lives. The ceasefire agreement was signed at Panmunjom on July 27, 1953. The armistice, not a peace treaty, is still in effect today.

    DMZ Tour: Major Tour Spots
    In essence, any DMZ tour is to experience the reality of division and to find the hope of future. The highlight of the tour is to explore a tunnel dug by North Korea. The tunnel was discovered by South Army as the third one among four tunnels, hence the name 쏷he Third Tunnel. It is a surreal experience to find a 1,635 meter tunnel at the depth of 73 meters underground. The infiltration tunnel was made by dangerous manual excavation work with dynamites, shovels and pick axes. The tunnel is located only four kilometers away from JSA, where the representatives of North Korea repeat their version of peace and reunification.
    The other tourism spots include an observatory and a train station. The observatory sits on the top of a hill, from which you can observe the north area including the 쏥aesung Industrial Complex, the 쏱ropaganda Village, a huge statue of North Leader Kim Il-sung, etc. The train station is the northern most one of South Korea and it is physically connected to the North railway system, which again is linked to the Trans Eurasian Railway Network. Regardless of the frustrating diplomacy surrounding the Korean Peninsula, here you can find a hope to go to Europe by TRS (Trans-Siberian Railway).

  • DMZ Tour: Itinerary

    What is the best way to go to DMZ? By joining the DMZ tour service of Cosmojin!

    The western part of DMZ lies only 52 kilometers away from Seoul to the north direction. However, there are no public transportation directly connecting DMZ and Seoul. Even after you manage to arrive at DMZ, you can see that the admission ticket is sold out after a long standing at the waiting line of the ticket booth. Some tourists find out that they have forgotten to bring their passport only after they are requested to show them to an MP of the military check point.

    Yes, the most reasonable way to DMZ is to use the specialized service of Cosmojin tour. You can put every worry down by one simple booking with Cosmojin, which has operated DMZ tour service for over fifteen years. You will be provided with:
    The best storytelling tour guide for DMZ
    The most convenient transportation to and from the DMZ (including a morning pick-up service at your hotel in Seoul)
    The total service including the admission fee to tour facilities of DMZ

    The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel
    Dora Observatory
    Dorasan Station
    Imjingak Park
    Unification Bridge
    The best quality Jinseng Center or Amethyst Factory Outlet
    Hotel pick-up and transportation by air-conditioned vehicles

  • DMZ Tour Information



    Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Germany has the Berlin Wall, and Korea has DMZ !!!
    DMZ is unique to Korea! Now is the time to visit it !
    Let셲 make an unforgettable trip to the Demilitarized Zone. You can have it only in Korea.


    DMZ tour you don셳 want to miss in Korea
    (The number of foreigners visiting DMZ grows 30% each year! A proof that it셲 interesting and worth a visit)


    Located within one-hour distance from Seoul !
    Half-day schedule out from your itinerary will suffice. No big deal !

    Our Dmz Tour Service provide comfortable and fantastic special experience to you.
    Let셲 join Dmz tour with Cosmojin




    DMZ Tour Schedule
    08:00~14:30 (a 6-hour travel back and forth)
    Hotel in Seoul -> Imjingak -> Tongildaegyo(bridge) -> passport/ID examination -> DMZ showroom and video room -> 3rd Tunnel ->
    Dorasan Observatory  -> Dorasan Station -> via Tongil Village -> Crystal Center -> Itaewon Sanding


    dmz mapdmz photo



    DMZ is an area occupying two kilometers out from the border of both Koreas, stretching a total of 64 million Pyeong(or around 50,156 ac). Along this DMZ bisecting the two Koreas stand almost 2 million armed soldiers from both sides. In DMZ, you can see historical sites breaking the heart of so many Koreans.

    It셲 a quiet and calm place well preserving ecology because no one has been allowed to enter it for the past 4 decades. It셲 also well-known for being home to precious wildlife and wild nature. Seen from the distance, DMZ looks scary, but once you get to know it more, you actually find it one of the safest security ecology tourist attractions.

    Do not put off an interesting trip to the world-unique demilitarized zone.



    DMZ Tour Points

    + DMZ is the top tourist attraction foreign visitors want to pay a visit to in Korea.
    + It셲 the tourist attraction you can only see in Korea, the only divided nation in the world.
    + Discover the 3rd Underground Tunnel within DMZ that would have rewritten Korean history unless found.
    + Thrilling walk in the most threatening tunnel closest to South Korea, through which over 500 soldiers, even tanks can go through.
    + Meaningful visit to Dorasan Train Station, which would be the first station connecting Eurasian Continent (Asia and Europe).
    + DMZ is a place historically connecting the past, present and future of Korea.



    DMZ Tour Course

    Imjingak bridge Imjingak



    It셲 a place steaming with Koreans sorrow over the 6.25 Korean Civil War. 
    It셲 a security-reunification tourist attraction with its Mangbaedan(alter) for the displaced whose ometowns are in North Korea, Freedom Bridge as a representative legacy of the War, Bell of Peace and so forth. Especially, Mangbaedan is famous as a place the displaced perform an ancestral rite on the occasions of Lunar New Year and Chooseok(Korean Thanksgiving Day). After the truce, South Korean soldiers captivated during the War, when they went down south, used Freedom Bridge, whose southern end are hanging hundreds of thousand ribbons of peace, creating a spectacle. 


    TongildaegyoTongildaegyo soilder


    [Tongildaegyo(Unification Bridge]

    Its northern part is a civilian control area and the first door to DMZ. Everyone, male or female, Korean or foreigner, should gain a license to cross the bridge. If one is a foreigner, he/she has to present passport and if Korean, ID before traversing the bridge. This bridge is also renowned because Jeong, Juyeong, founder of Hyundai Group crossed it with a herd of 500 cows in 1998 on a visit to the North.


    DMZ ShowroomDMZ Showroom


    [DMZ showroom, video room]

    It셲 a unique museum within the civilian control line. The museum, on which the nation and provinces had spent 44.5 billion Korean won, officially opened on 08, 14, 2009. DMZ Showroom displays leaflets used during the 6.25 Korean Civil War, military letters, bayonets, empty cartridges, pottery found in DMZ, taxidermied birds and etc. DMZ Video Room features three-dimensional moving pictures. By watching them, you can easily understand how Korea got divided.  


    Uderground TunnelUderground Tunnel

    [The 3rd Underground Tunnel]

    The Third Unground Tunnel dug out by the North could send 30,000 soldiers per hour to invade the South. It셲 wide enough for even tanks to pass through. It has elevators and you can go down either by train or on foot. When you do down on foot, you have to wear anti-slip shoes since it셲 dotted with slippery areas. In the tunnel, you can go as close as 200 meters to the Military Demarcation Line (MDL). You will get thrilled.



    Dorasan ObservatoryDorasan Observatory view


    [Dorasan Observatory]

    It셲 where you have the best view of the North since it셲 located on the southern border of DMZ, that is, on the northernmost part of South Korea. Here, you can see with the naked eye, the barbed wire fence put along the MDL, and on a clear day, you can see the Gaesung Industrial Park of the North and even North Korean villages. Seeing the North looking close yet too far to reach, again you get aware of the divided Korean Peninsula.



    Dorasan Train Station lobyDorasan Train Station


    [Dorasan Train Station]

    It셲 not the last station of the South, but the first station to the North. Should Korea be re-united, it would be the starting and arriving point of transcontinental railway traveling through the Eurasian Continent. The train doesn셳 run for now. It gained international attention in 2002, when Kim, Daejung, president of Korea and George Bush, president of America visited it. Thenceforth, it began to emerge as a fresh tourist attraction even in the eyes of foreign reporters.





    [Tongilmaeul(Reunification Village)]

    The village in DMZ as an eco-friendly village with its nature-given setting and rich farming land is the only place in the world, access to which is controlled by the military. Especially, cold soybean grown in its fertile land rich in protein and calcium is known as nutritious choice food.
    It has gained so much popularity as the village셲 indigenous product that it is the most favorite souvenir of those visiting the village.
    DMZ tour package is made up of courses well showing the sad history of Korean
    division. Let셲 set out on a trip to heart-breaking historical places hidden in the dark side of brilliant, advanced Korea.
    You can move individually up to Imjingang Station, but since only designated buses can cross the Tongildaegyo(bridge), you have to hop in one of them.
    The Cosmojin Tour starting from Seoul led by English-speaking guides is the most efficient.

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    * DMZ Tour is closed on Mondays and National Holidays.
    * Passport is required!
    * Snekers are required!
    When it is closed in case of some special situation.DMZ will be replaced by plan B non-refundable(Heavy rain or snow, military training)
    * Plan B: Tomorrow's Whistle-Bunker Beat 131-Odusan Unification Tower-The War memorial of Korea

    English Guide, Transportation, Pick up in Hotel(Seoul), Admission fee

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    - In case of a full day tour, lunch will be served. (KRW 10,000 P/P)
    - Lunch is not included in a half day tour.
    - Child fares: Discount price is applied for under 7years of age and the tour is free for under 3 years of age. (No Additional Discounts is available)
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