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Yangji Pine Resort

Add: 34-1 Namgok-ri, Yangji-myeon, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do






Yangji Pine Resort, located at the foot of a Dokjo mountain, 490 meters above sea level in Yongin, Geonggi province, blessed with a gorgeous mountain terrain and a thick forest, natural environment given as a gift of nature is being in the spotlight as a convenient place for people who live in metropolitan area since it is even closer due to the four-lane expansion opening of the Yeong-dong highway in 1994.
Also, Yangji Pine Resort has been working on its remodeling of Pine ski Valley, Pine Gold Club since 1995 and it is perfect Sport and leisure complex for all seasons since it has hotel condominium and modern ski facility, various indoor and outdoor amusement facilities, sports recreational facilities in the 11 upstairs, and 2 underground floor building.
Among various skiing course of Yangji Pine Resort, Abegg course is a popular destination as a great course for enthusiasts because they can make use of advanced technique.
In addition, snow park prepared ambitiously enough, a new built slope in 2003 named as a ‘Rider’s dream’ has various courses for skiers and boarders can enjoy together.
Due to the snowboard base expansion, Snow Park is inviting professional riders from Japan to hold an annual event as a class and rider show.
Japanese professional riders demonstrate their skills by having snowboard class and rider show, snowboard competition to attract boarders and skiers.
It is very nice to have a leisure time with your family since there are resting place of the observatory and playground with sledding slope for the kids while you enjoy skiing.
Sledding Slope is located behind the snack house and its length is 20 meters, and width is 20 meters, 16 people can start at the same time. Also, Sunkid lift is set up for beginners to use more comfortably.
Yangji Pine Resort is equipped with modern ski equipments including a snowplow and snow vehicle, also equipped for night time ski having facilities for elementary, middle and senior grade slopes.
Automatic snow blower is creating qualified snow and 9 various slopes with gentle or steep slope with 5~35 degrees satisfy not only beginners but also professionals.
Yellow course is the first slope in the country which has the structures maintain for beginners and its suitable for beginners due to its stable and gentle gradient.
And Blue-Orange course located in the middle of slopes is good for intermediate level.
Reunification’s Cup National Alpine Ski Competition’ is held every year as a training program of winter sport game of Korea.
spotlight in Yangji Pine Resort, You can enjoy watching board and ski ridings that has no differentiate between ski and board structures. And the Challenge course has its reputation since ‘Korean An Extreme Snow Park which is being in the

Also, the first S-box rail is installed among ski resorts in Korea and same as the kink box rail which is the most popular rail among boarders throughout the world.





Address : 34-1 Namgok-ri, Yangji-myeon, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
Homepage : www.pineresort.com
Phone : +82-31-338-2001
Closed : N/A (Open all year round)
Facilities for the Handicapped : Wheelchair rentals, restrooms, parking spaces




Yangji Pine Resort Other Facilities:

Swimming pool, sledding hill, bowling alley, billiards, singing room, bunji jumping, artificial rock-climbing, Korean/Western restaurants, daycare center, sauna, health club, PC room, seminar facilities, gift shop


Yangji Pine Resort Nearby Attractions

Korean Folk Village, Everland, Icheon Pottery Village


Yangji Pine Resort Transportation

From Nambu Bus Terminal in Seoul, take the bus to Jincheon (every 20 minutes from 06:15). Get off at Yong-in Bus Terminal and use the free shuttle bus to the resort.혻


Yangji Pine Resort Shuttle bus Services

- Pine Resort Free shuttle bus should be operated by your reservation.
- You should make a reservation until 6 pm(Mon-Sat) the date before you use.
- If you want to take a free shuttle bus on Sunday or Monday, you should be confirmed until 1pm on Saturday.
- You can call 031-329-9440~1 if you want to make a reservation.
- Pine Resort Free shuttle bus could not be operated if under 10 people reserved. Please double check before you leave.
- If have any question and more detail, please call +82-031-329-9440~1.


Yangji Pine Resort booking

Pine Resortel (Tel. 02-516-7161), Pine Youth Hostel (3/4/6 people per room, Tel. 82-2-540-6800)


Yangji Pine Resort Package tour Itinerary

07:30-08:00 Hotel Pick up
08:00-09:00 Arrive at Rental shop (Yang 밓i Resort)
09:00-09:30 Rent ski equipment (Ski clothes, gloves and accessories etc.)
09:30-09:45 Arrive at the Korea Ski resort
09:45-10:00 Rent ski equipment (Ski gears)
10:00-10:40 Beginner Ski Lesson
10:40-15:30 Free time
15:30-16:30 Move to Seoul
16:45-17:30 Amethyst or Ginseng Center
17:30-18:00 Lotte Hotel(Myeongdong)






Yangji Pine Resort Lift operation hours

Types Type of Lift Passes / Operation Hours
Single Pass Morning Afteroon Evening Night All-Night
09:00~13:00 13:00~17:00 18:30~23:00 22:00~02:00 24:00~05:00
Pass A
Morning+Afternoon Evening+Night Night+All-night
09:00~17:00 18:30~02:00 22:00~05:00
Pass B
Afternoon+Evening Evening+Night+All-night
13:00~22:30 18:30~05:00


Yangji Pine Resort Rental price

Types Lift Ski Rental Board Rental
Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child
Single Pass 50,000 31,500 30,000 21,000 32,000 24,000
Combined Pass A 63,500 41,000 36,000 25,000 45,000 33,000
Combined Pass B 75,000 52,000 39,000 28,000 47,000 36,000


Yangji Pine Resort Snow Sled price

Daytime Evening
Ault Child Ault Child
10,500 8,500 8,500 7,000


Yangji Pine Resort price

Type Price Detail Person
75.3 렊 292,000 1bathroom 4
113.1렊 414,000 1room, 2bathroom 5
137.8렊 483,000 2room, 2bathroom 6
160.0렊 554,000 3room, 2bathroom 7
163.3.렊 554,000

1floor : 1room, 1bathroom
2floor : 1room, 1bathroom




1floor : 2room, 1bathroom
2floor : 2room, 1bathroom









Yangji Pine Resort Ski Slope spec

Type Length(m) Level Declivity(Slope) Remarks
Yellow Course 300 Beginners 7 Beginners Only
Orange Course 340 Intermediate 12 Intermediates Only
Blue 1 Course 750 Intermediate & Upper 25  
Blue 2 Course 850 Upper 18  
Green Course(A/B/C) 580 Intermediate    
Avec Course(Pink) 590 Intermediate & Upper 20  
Challenge Course(Black) 800 Top 32 A technical course with hard undelations