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World Cultural Heritage Site Tour(21)

  • 쨌 Time 09:00-13:00
    쨌 Number of persons 2
    쨌 Price 75,000 KRW
    쨌 Itinerary
    Hotel 넂 Suwon Hwaseong Fortress 넂 Suwon Hwaseong Train 넂 Hwaseong Temporary Palace (Hwaseong Haenggung) 넂 Amethyst or Ginseng Center 넂 Drop off at Itaewon
    쨌 Conditions
    1 Hwaseong Trolley may be canceled due to bad weather conditions. 

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  • Highlight of Tour Spot

    The Suwon Hwaseong Fortress was the world셲 first planned city. The Hwaseong Fortress is regarded as having been more thoroughly and systematically designed than comparable structures of its time, including those in Saint Petersburg, Russia or Washington, D.C. in the United States.

    The Hwaseong Fortress, belonging to the Haenggung Palace of the Joseon Dynasty, was constructed for King Jeongjo in 1796. Haenggung is a subsidiary palace which accommodated the King셲 temporary stays outside the main palace in the capital. The Hwaseong Fortress was constructed by King Jeongjo for his stays in the Haenggung when he made visits to the Suwon region to have memorial services for his father, Crown Prince Sadosaeja. Aside from subsidiary palace functions, the Hwasung Fortress was also constructed to serve more practical purposes as the second capital of the Joseon Dynasty. King Jeongjo had in fact planned to move into Haneggung of Hwaseong Fortress when he became the supreme King after passing on his throne to his successor. However, with young King Jeongjo셲 sudden death in 1800, the Hwaseong Fortress was forgotten by Koreans.

    The Hwaseong Fortress stands as a testament to the advancements in technical theories and applications made during the Joseon Dynasty. An enormous amount of money and manpower was used in the project, on a scale of unprecedented in magnitude in the history of the Joseon Dynasty. It was an immense civil engineering project which could not have been initiated and completed without King Jeongjo셲 unique determination.

  • Itinerary

    Driving an hour to the south of Seoul, you can find a city named Suwon where have plenty of the sights. Cosmojin represents you the world heritage Suwon Hwaseong Fortress.

    King Jungjo of Joseon Dynasty emphasized splendor and beauty of structure during the fortress was built. When one of vassals asked why he is bothered about beauty, not the strength and solidity, he answered the fortress will surely win enemies by its beauty. Hwaseong Fortress is an unique castle that western and eastern theory of military facility was combined, particularly it is matchless in Korean history of castle construction.

    - Guided tour of World Cultural Heritage
    - Well-known as the world heritage located an hour distance from Seoul
    - Looking around Suwon in the train resembled with King셲 palanquin
    - Hwaseong Temporary Palace: King Jungjo셲 dreams and full of filial affection
    - Hwaseong train: Chance to tour the beautiful Hwaseong Temporary Palace
    - Various traditional events such as demonstration performance of Muye 24ki(24 kinds of martial arts of the imperial army) and change ceremony of gate guards
    - Court robe and traditional crafts experience

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