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      Thanks Letter [Western Chosun Hotel Private Tour]
      Date 2019.06.13  
      Dear Lisa,

      I wanted to thank you again for
      such a terrific day on Wednesday.  Both Adam and I truly enjoyed meeting you and
      seeing and learning so much about Seoul in our time together.  I have done
      private tours in many other cities during my travels and can say without
      hesitation that you were the best guide I have ever had!
      As I mentioned
      during dinner, I am hoping to bring my family to Seoul at some point in the near
      future for a vacation trip and will let you know in advance so that I can book a
      few days of your time.  I would love to do the DMZ tour and some other day
      trips, including seeing more of Seoul when I return.
      I also attached a
      few of the pictures you took for us on Wednesday as I thought you would like to
      see them.  The smiles on our faces tell the whole story of our great day with
      Below is my contact information.  Please stay in touch and I look
      forward to seeing you again on future trips to Seoul.
      All The Best,


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