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      Thanks Letter [Korean Institute of Certified Public Accountants]
      Date 2017.11.15  
      Dear Ari

      We are now in the lounge about to depart for Taipei to see our son.

      Jan and I wanted to write to say how much we appreciated and
      enjoyed being guided by you. You looked after us superbly not only in describing
      what we were seeing but also in ensuring that
      we were comfortable and able to be on time for whatever followed.

      I have been travelling for 40 years now and I can say I have never had a better guide.
      You were first class and did far more than could have been expected.
      On  our first day you gave us a tour of Central Seoul,
      the UNESCO recognised palace and the Folk Museum
      - we learned a lot of fascinating aspects of Korea’s history.

      This continued on yesterday’s tour to the DMZ
      when you gave us a day we shall never forget and a real sense of outrage that
      the North has been able to be so hostile and duplicitous for so many years
      - it is useful for South Koreans that we Westerners carry this story back home!

      In the evening you waited until we had dined with our friends and then
      accompanied us back to our hotel
      - goodness knows what time you got home!

      After your very early start you must have been tired.
      We were very sorry to say goodbye last night
      - your charming personality and caring nature not to mention your professionalism
      made a huge impression on us both.

      We cannot thank you enough for making our trip a very special memory.
      Do keep in touch and let’s hope our paths cross again before too long
      - either in Korea ( when we shall definitely contact you in advance to guide us again) or
      in the UK. Thank you so much.

      With warmest regards,



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