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      Thanks Letter [SK E&C]
      Date 2017.11.15  
      Hi. Ari 

      The time me and my family of 13 have spent in Korea was amazing.
      We spent around 10 days and we had the best planned trips
      so that not even one minute was wasted.

      Ari was our tour guide, she welcomed us from ICN airport with
      smiles as soon as we landed in Korea.

      She made sure our trips were comfortable and enjoyable.
      Ari, you showed us jeju island and took us to amazing restaurants
      and resorts and tourist places.

      As a family of 13, we had many bags and people with us.

      Ari made sure we had great transport at all times and that
      our things were with us wherever we went,
      from jeju island to Seoul and all the way back to Kuwait.

      Not only were you friendly Ari, but you also took us to
      all the places we asked and even more.

      Our trip to Korea was so memorable thanks to you,
      we will be recommending you to our friends and family who want to visit Korea.

      See you very soon!


      The Dashti Family

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