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      Thanks Letters [Korea Women Investor Associates]
      Date 2017.06.30  
      Dear Hyeyoung,

      Thanks for the wonderful tour you took us yesterday.

      I enjoyed every bit.

      Best regards



      Hello Hyeyoung,


      Thank you for caring, Hyeyoung. I am ok, thanks for asking.
      Tomorrow morning I leave Seoul for home…
      I wish you to spend as much as possible quality time with your daughter. Kinds are growing very fast and you can not reverse time…
      I loved your company and I hope, I will have the chance to offer you hospitality in Slovenia. Whenever you will be nearby, just let me know.

      Marta Turk-Slovenia



      Helo hyeyoung,


      I was so nice to meet you yesterday.
      Thank you for every thing.




      Dear Hyeyoung,


      Finally, I managed to open the files and saw our wonderful and unforgettable photos!

      Thanks a lot for your kindness!

      Please, when visiting Brazil, please do get in touch.
      Would it be a pleasure to see you again!

      All the best


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