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      Thanks Letter [Korea Aerospace Research Institute]
      Date 2017.06.15  


      Many thanks to you and your country for being such terrific hosts to the SBAS IWG last week! I personally believe it made a huge (yuuuge!) difference in what we were able to accomplish.  

      I must mention that Korean hospitality exceeded any imagination for this event, already impressive with the well-hosted meeting facilities. Lunches. Dining with live musical entertainment. Tours. Wow! What a terrific bonus for this very important international working group.


      Please convey extra recognition for our guides (Kim Lin Ha and Mr.Park), on Friday’s VIP City Tour. Right after lunch on Friday I hurt my knee when I slipped on the steps outside the restaurant. (I blame it on age, not the fact that I was looking at my iPhone at the time, I’m sure! <wince>)


      Despite pain when climbing or descending stairs, I elected to join the tour as planned.  Both guides quickly understood my limitations and kept a watchful eye on my progress when ascending or descending steps at the palace, or negotiating steep paths in the Hidden Garden, adjusting the pace of the tour when they could.


      Upon reaching Insadong, Ms. Kim interrupted her normal routine and led me to a pharmacy where she provided translation between me and the pharmacist. The herbs and medicines they provided over the counter were most helpful in reducing pain. I have no doubt the remainder of my visit and return home to Maryland would have been far more difficult had it not been for the kindness and assistance offered by our tour guides that day. My hat is off to them!





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