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      Thanks Letter (KIPLA VIP TOUR)
      Date 2016.09.20  

      Dear Ms. Kim, Eunhye (Grace)

      Joanna and I are back in Texas and I am working through the mountain of emails and paperwork that piled up while I was gone.  We both enjoyed spending the week with you.

      Attached is a letter I wanted to send to your office manager or supervisor.  But the only email address I have is yours.  Although it is not the usual way, please give it to the appropriate person.  Or, if you would prefer, you could send me the proper name and title to whom the letter should be addressed, along with that person's email, and I will change the letter and email  it direct to him or her.

      The driver never did give me his card, name, or the name and address of his employer.  I have mentioned him in this letter, and in a letter of thanks I sent to KIPLA.  If you think it is worthwhile, and you have that information, please send it.   

      Finally, I have on your card an address in English of:

       RM309 President Hotel
       16 Eulji-ro Jung-gu
       Seoul Korea.   

       I do not see a country code or anything similar to our zip code.  Joanna and I would like have the proper mailing address to send a letter to you personally.    If it is better that it be in Korean perhaps you could write it in the proper block format for me so I can print it, cut it out and paste it to the envelope.    (That worked for a letter I sent to China after my trip there a couple of years ago).

      I hope you are enjoying the group you are with this week.

      Best regards,     

      Ron Clark

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