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      Thanks Letter (Cosmojin Nami Island Package Tour)
      Date 2016.05.11  
      안녕하세요 Sophia씨! My name is Frenshy (the girl wearing the red beanie on the attached picture) and was one of the people who went with you to Nami island and Petit France :)
      어떻게 잘 지냈어요? We came back to Manila yesterday! It's so hot! ㅋㅋ
      I really enjoyed the trip to Nami Island and Petit France! 나 좋아해~ 그래 재미있어요! ^^~ We have taken lots of good pictures and I also enjoyed eating the chicken barbeque 너무 맛있어~!
      I hope that in our next trip, Cosmojin will be the company that would take us to the tours. The company is really good and the guides as well. I really thank you! Hope to meet you again soon! 매우 감사합니다! ^^


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