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      Thanks Letter (Park Hyatt Package Tour)
      Date 2016.04.26  
      Hello Luna,
      It was so great for us to have you as our guide. We really enjoyed our tour with you.
      We will not forget you. We should really meet again . If you are going to Iran or London please let us know so we can meet. (If we are in those places :) )
      I am so glad I met someone like you ????.Seoul is such a small place.
      OH OH you know the SMTOWN Artium at Coex? I went to buy some KFC for my family and when I came out I saw people gathering outside. They said Sehun from EXO is going to leave the artium. So I went and stayed in the line with the crowd. I ONLY HAD ONE PERSON in front of me. So I got to see Sehun leaving the building. I had to stand for 40 mins which was funny.
      Thank you so much unni !
      - Kiana

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