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      Thanks Letter (Lotte Hotel Package Tour)
      Date 2015.11.20  
      Dear Cosmojin,

      I apologize for posting this complimentary letter to this booking email as I got an error message when I tried to post this through your website.

      I engaged your company for the JSA/DMZ Tour last Friday, 14th Nov in Seoul. It was a nicely coordinated tour by Cosmojin. All went well until towards the end of the tour when our tour guide (Grace Kim) informed us that there's a major demonstration in the center of Seoul city, with traffic at a standstill. Grace, being the friendly and courteous guide, consulted each and every one of us in the bus which hotel we're staying, and advised us which mode of transport to take and how to take them to our specific hotel.

      When it came to my turn, i informed her that i'm at Lotte Hotel Myeongdong, and she told me that no taxi is accessible and only option is to use the Metro. She told me to follow her after the tour drop off at Itaewon. After the drop off at Itaewon and everyone has dispersed, Grace guided me through the Metro station, helped me buy the train tickets and accompanied me through the transit stations and finally guided me to board the final train until my destination. She even told me to exit at which exit which brought me to exactly where my hotel is.

      An exemplary staff to have, and what a wonderful experience to end my trip to Korea!
      Grace truly displayed what i call the "Insanely Customer Centric Culture'.
      Well Done Grace and it was nice knowing you, and Keep in Touch!

      Kind Regards
      Alex Lee
      Senior Director

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