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      Thanks Letter (Kolonglobal Private Tour)
      Date 2015.10.02  
      Miss Grace,
      Sorry for the delay in writing to you in time, because last three days I spent more time to go through, all the leaflets of
      Seoul city tours and tourist guides, reading, materials given to us in various visited places. Your tour package is very excellent and we were able
      to cover all the importance places in Soul.

      We never forget the places visited such as folk village- It’s old traditional buildings, and instrument use, costumes used,
      traditional dance, horse riders performances and environment of the village.


      -First day traditional lunch given to us
      -Suwon Hwaseng fortress very nice place.
      -Hwaseng temporary palace

      Environment, palace it’s wall painting shown us all the function of kings participations in small scale.

      -Ever land
      -Seoul tower

      Its environment millions of padlocks bridges of Hangang river. Sky scrapers and mountains around the Seoul. All the palaces specially
      in inheritance style.

      -Bongeunsa temple

      Its importance place in Seoul, Buddha statues other painting in the temple are quite difference from Sri Lankan shape of them. The
      leaflets given to us, explain very valuable history of the temple, specially number 4 and 10. Both are tangible cultural properties of Seoul/of world.

      -Number 10

      What I showed to you were Buddhist scriptures, written in wooden planks, in other countries these scriptures were written in
      processed in palm leaves in old days.

      -Number 4

      According to my knowledge know such a old building is found in anywhere in Sri Lanka. All were destroyed by invaders or collapsed
      due to unattendance.

      -The royal guard changing parade at Gybonbok palace and its surrounding
      -Nanta show
      -National museum
      -Korian cultural hall
      -Folk museum of Koria.
      -Wax museum.
      -Bukchan hanok village

      Your king cooperation hospitality knowledge, kindness gave us a good impression about you.

      We wonder weather, we were nuisance to you all, if so place excuse us. We never forget you all. We cordially invite you to come to
      Sri Lanka. We will communicate with you for our mutual benefit. Downloading of photos sent by you was unsuccessful. Please send them again.

      Best regards R. K Perera and Sachini.

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