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      Thanks Letter (ASAN Medical Center VIP Tour)
      Date 2015.09.01  
      Annyong Pam!

      Although we missed having you as our guide, we did have a very interesting tour to the DMZ with Yong Park. I had gone over to Bongeunsa Temple that morning and I became so entranced with it that I was almost late getting back to meet my dad to go on our tour!


      Thank you so much for the beautiful Korean bookmarks for my kids - they love them!

      I very much enjoyed getting to spend time with you in Gyeongju and Seoul - you are so much fun. I do hope we'll see each other again someday soon, whether in Korea or the U.S! You are always welcome in our home. I'll even have some Kim Chi waiting for you! If we come back to Korea, I'll have to see you on a day off, because I can't afford your private tours! ;)


      I really want to share pictures with you but haven't found you on Facebook yet. Please help!



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