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Jeju daily tour of WEST Course(10-2-3)

  • · Time 08:30-18:00(MON / WED / FRI)
    · Number of persons 1
    · Price 79,000 KRW
    · Itinerary
    Pick up point → Hallim Park → Su Wol Bong Hill → Lunch(Korean style Buffet) → Spirited Garden → Althr Airfield → Sanbangsan Mountain → Teddy Bear Museum or Cheonjeyeon Waterfall → Drop off at hotel or airport
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    Reservation On Website ONLY

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  • Highlight of Tour Spot

    Situated in a most ideal setting, just 64 kilometers south of the Korean Peninsula is Korea’s largest island, Jeju. Jeju is a magical place known for 3 things: roaring winds, magnificent rocks, and women, since there is a bigger population of women versus men. As one of the host cities of the 2002 Korea/Japan FIFA World Cup, Jeju’sSeogwipo City made the most charming places to host it.

    Jeju is a focal point of international affairs and is able to offer people many kinds of recreational activities with breathtaking vistas, a temperate climate and a unique traditional culture. Located in the center of this volcanic island is Mt. Hallasan (a dormant volcano), which is filled with over 1,800 species of vegetation, scores of deer, and an ecosystem that will surely amaze all.

    Jeju offers unbelievably breathtaking views from coast to coast, ranging from the waterfalls at Hae-anjidae to the naturally sculpted cliffs at JusangJeolli. Tourists can enjoy each season in Jeju with a particular splash of color; brilliant yellow-colored flowers in the spring that spread across the landscape, the golden beaches and sea vistas in the summertime, the Eulalia’s light brown wispy reeds flowing in the autumn winds, and the lovely snow flowers of Hallasan in winter are all must-sees of Jeju.

    One can enjoy these wonders of the world by hiking, bike riding, paragliding, scuba diving, windsurfing, hunting, horseback riding, swimming, and going on boat trips. Jeju also has a wide variety of native foods such as the delicious Jeju tangerines and native dishes including redtile fish stew, grilled and seasoned redtile fish, rice porridge with abalone, pheasant dishes and hair-tail fish soup.

    Jeju is more than simply a tourist destination; it is an island full of wonder. Making the most of its charm and beauty to attract considerable numbers of tourists and with its geo-political location, Jeju is in the process of changing into an International Free City. Jeju promises to be an island that rides the wave of technology while still keeping true to its ecological treasures.

  • Itinerary

    The most stunning island I’ve ever seen!
    A volcanic, oval-shaped island, in the most southern region of Korea has phenomenal natural beauty, historical legacies, quirky museums, and array of water sports, which makes it one of the best vacation spots in Korea.
    Jeju daily tour of WEST Course includes the most attractive tourism attraction in WEST side of Jeju with reasonable price!!

    - Feel the nature and World's largest botanical garden in any season
    - Mt. Sanbang with a cave inside it : the peak is often ringed with clouds
    - See the pond of God or the most interesting museum in the world


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