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LOTUS A Flower Comes Out Once More(37)

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    쨌 Price 75,000 KRW
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  • Highlight of Tour Spot

    She became a flower before her name is called!

    The beautiful dance of Seo-ryeon like a flower blossom!
    Court dance in the bloom of the beauty!
    The essence of Korean traditional group dance!
    The miraculous dance played with traditional instruments!

    #. Synopsis
    A festival to pray on the halcyon days begins with the presences of the King and the Queen. Once Seo-ryeon, the best dancer in the court begins to dance, the King is charmed with her beauty like a flower. In this reason, the Queen who devoured by envy and hatred turns the girl away of the palace. Dodam is the best general at the court with his outstanding of martial arts and a great chivalry. He follows Seo-ryeon셲 way as he has an affection for her. She also reveals her love for him and they confirm their love under the moon shine. At that time, they come across the King and his military group seeking Seo-ryeon to take her back to the palace. After a desperate duel over the girl, Seo-ryeon decides to return to the palace with the King in the purpose of saving her lover in peril of death. The King confines her to a jail because she denies to give bed service in the reason of her love. Dodam invades to the palace with his company and the duel between the company and the military group begins. Seo-ryeon falls after she had been stabbed by the King셲 sword for Dodame and he lets out a sob

  • Itinerary

    The chance to meet Korean traditional performance in the middle of the concrete jungle
    Chongdong, the Gwanghwamun area is the best cultural place where the past and the future meet together. You can see the Deoksugung Place and its most beautiful stonewall walkway with a sentiment of Korea, Gyongbokgung Palace. The atmosphere of the area gives audiences who appreciated the performance in Chongdong Theater the emotional charge of both the performance and the beauty of traditional mood in the center of the modern city.

    Chongdong Theater is a Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism-affiliated public concert hall, which opened in 1995. It was built as a detached building of National Theater to restore the first modern theater Wongaksa Theater. It makes a new leap forward for popularization, globalization, and brand prestige of Korean traditional art since 2009. Meet the newest work of 쁔he Story of Bae Local Official, which was opened in 2014.

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