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Special Medical Tour(25)

  • 쨌 Time 3hours Basic
    쨌 Number of persons 2
    쨌 Price 120,000 KRW
    쨌 Itinerary
    Hotel 넂 Gangnam 넂 Medical Tour Center넂 Consulting with Tour coordinator 넂 Hotel

    Reservation On Website ONLY

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  • Highlight of Tour Spot

    Back in time to 10 years ago in 30 minutes

    Become more beautiful with young and bright skin through the laser skin procedure.

    High tech service that can see the simulated result of cosmetic surgery is very common in Seoul. You will be satisfied with enough consultations through this service.

    1. Cosmetic Surgery: Specific surgeries for specific parts. All services promise safe surgery with professional medical coordinators on discounted prices of consulting and surgical procedure in the best famous place in Gangnam for natural personal custom-surgery.

    2. Beauty: Cosmojin Coordinators represent guaranteed procedure of Semi-permanent makeup, hair implant, waxing, Botox and so on with safe products proved by U.S.F.D.A international approval in professional medical center.

    3. Skin: High class medical services will amplify the synergy between the best technologies and the best medical teams and gives you satisfaction from results in improvement of acne, pore, wrinkle, and scar.

  • Itinerary

    There are more than 10 kinds of cosmetic surgery for only eyes in Korean cosmetic surgery technique. This is the result of running personal custom system. Specially, foreign teams are visiting to learn about this preceding beauty cosmetic surgery and skin-care techniques.

    Cosmojin셲 the best medical tour with the most famous cosmetic surgery in Seoul and the best medical coordinators guarantees both safe and beauty for you.

    - Cosmetic surgery with professional medical coordinators
    - Get a secret beauty change through hygienic and safe products
    - The best synergy with the best Korean medical teams and Cosmojin

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