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Romantic Night Cruise Tour(31)

  • 쨌 Time 18:00-22:00
    쨌 Number of persons 2
    쨌 Price 95,000 KRW
    쨌 Itinerary
    Hotel 넂 63CITY 넂 Han River Cruise 넂 Pass by the MBC Yeouido Centre 넂 Pass by the National Assembly building 넂 Hotel
    쨌 Conditions
    * 63 CITY includes 63 Sea World & Observatory.
    * The schedule for the Han River Cruise could be changed.

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  • Highlight of Tour Spot

    Spanning more than 310 miles (500 km) at about 0.62 miles (1 km) wide, the Han River (Hangang) is one of the most important rivers in South Korea. A full-on tourism destination, a warm or even brisk day affords you the chance to explore the well-groomed pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths. Take the kids around as visitors and locals alike enjoy the soothing ambiance of the river beside while jogging, fishing or just hanging out in one of its many cafes. If you are so inclined you can even jet ski.

    The Hangang Park also has playgrounds if you just want to sit and relax while the kids use up some energy. Unfortunately there are no real restaurants, but it is still a great place to picnic with the family or a loved one. One of the more popular things to do here is to take a boat cruise for a relaxing ride around, or for special occasions, boats can be booked a night soiree.

    There are several subway lines that will cross the river depending on where you are and where along the river you want to go. For a lovely nighttime stroll, get out at the Yeouinaru Subway and go directly to the Cascade shown on the directional map at the entrance of the park. Otherwise, if you are looking for a little exercise, you can rent bikes for the day for about $5 at a few easily accessible locations that also offer drop-off points.

    63 City, known as building 63 to local citizens, it was well known as the highest building in Korea since its completion in 1985 until the super-high apartments appeared. It is still the highest building that is opened to the public. The building rents spaces for common offices on the 53rd floor and the top floor is opened as an observatory and convenience for tourists. The high-speed elevator made with glass walls climbs to the 60th floor and at once will give you thrills.

    The Hangang (River) Cruise is one of the best ways to enjoy the Hangang (River). There are 8 different docks from which to board, including Yeouido, Jamsil, Yangwha, Ttukseom, Sangam, Seoul Forest, Jamdubong and Seonyudo. The cruises have different themes allowing passengers to enjoy live performances and fine dining as they admire the scenery. The romance of the Hangang makes river cruises very popular with lovers all throughout the year.

    Taking a cruise is a great way to enjoy the fresh air and to get away from it all. Enjoy the spectacular nighttime views of the Hangang theme cruise with live magic and delicious food, guaranteed to create an unforgettable memory for families, lovers, and friends alike. There are also seasonal events including a flower cruise in the spring and a migratory bird cruise in autumn.

    The National Assembly is located in Yeouido. The main building was completed in 1975 with 2 underground levels and 6 on the ground levels being a 122 meter high and 81 meter wide. 24 granitic pillars, which symbolise 24 seasonal divisions of Korea, are supporting the roof, and there is a large dome-shaped roof, which is covered in the center. Also important buildings like the members office buildings, the national assembly library, and the memorial hall is in front of the main building with a wide lawn.

  • Itinerary

    Here are tour sights twinkling more under the night sky.
    The best way to feel the shining Seoul mixe with lights! : No.31 tour course

    You will go to the 63 City first, which was the highest building in Korea.
    The only word that fits well for this is 쁣antastic! to explain the beautiful night view in front of your eyes.

    And the romantic night cruise will start from the Han River.
    Broadcasting station and the national assembly building on Yeouido looks very different in the daytime.
    Feel the beautiful view of the night while going across the Han River.

    - The different beauty of the night and the day
    - Romantic cruise on Han River
    - No. 31 tour course with all of the best night view spots in Seoul

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  • Hotel

    * 63 CITY includes 63 Sea World & Observatory.
    * The schedule for the Han River Cruise could be changed.

    Cancelation is until 18:00 p.m. 1 day prior to the reserved day. After that time, we apply 70% cancellation fee.