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Lotte World and City Tour Package Deal(15)

  • 쨌 Time 09:00-17:30
    쨌 Number of persons 3
    쨌 Price 119,000 KRW
    쨌 Itinerary
    Hotel 넂 Lotte World 넂 Lunch(Bibimbap) 넂 Namsan Hanok Village 넂 N Seoul Tower 넂 Myeongdong 넂 Amethyst or Ginseng Center 넂 Hotel
    쨌 Conditions
    1 Big 5 Ticket (5 attractions)
    2 Namsangol Hanok Village will be replaced by Bukchon Hanok Village when it is closed on Tuesdays.

    Reservation On Website ONLY

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  • Highlight of Tour Spot

    You might have a disappointed tour without any guides in huge, complex city of Seoul. But here is the meaningful and pleasant story of Korea.

    You should take a Seoul daily city tour with a professional guide. Explanation of details of Korean history from Korean guide is essential to find "the true meaning" of watching world heritages.

    The right Seoul City Tour with a guide who will slake your curiosity with rich knowledge!

    Also you can be a friend with tourists from each different country. Grab a chance to make various friends in the world! And here is the course to watch Seoul and the famous theme park at once.

  • Itinerary

    The tour is designed to see a theme park in the center of city, and the most popular to foreign tourist, spot Namsan and Hanok(traditional Korean-style house), at once in a day. You can experience both the past and the future of Seoul through this.

    The tour will brings you to the biggest indoor theme park in the Guinness book of Records in daytime at first. And you are going to `go to Namsan across the Han River after enjoying thrilling attractions, a beautiful parade, an ice rink and a folk museum. Namsan Hanok Village is the place to experience dwelling pattern and scientific understanding of the traditional Korean-style of architecture. Various experience center includes oriental medicine is very favored to foreign tourists recently.

    The panorama of Seoul is spreading among the horizon that can watch on the top of Namsan Seoul Tower, and it is also a trendy place as one of filming sites. If you are lucky, you can see the tip of North Korea.

    But the most visited place must be Myungdong. Myungdong Catholic Cathedral, the UNESCO house, huge streets for shopping and varied choice of food made people keep visiting the street. Unique road-shops, high class department stores, trendy shopping centers with chic selections are the most popular spots in Myungdong.

    - The best theme park in the city, Lotteworld
    - Namsan Hanok Village to meet the past of Korea
    - Namsan Seoul Tower, the trendy place of Seoul
    - Very famous for foreigners, Myeong-dong, Lotte department store and duty-free shop

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  • Hotel

  • Hotel

    1 Big 5 Ticket (5 attractions)
    2 Namsangol Hanok Village will be replaced by Bukchon Hanok Village when it is closed on Tuesdays.