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Fantastic Nami Island tour & Petite France Korea(Little Prince Town)(24)

  • 쨌 Time 08:00-17:00
    쨌 Number of persons 2
    쨌 Price 150,000 KRW
    쨌 Itinerary
    Hotel 넂 Nami Island 넂 Lunch(Spicy Chicken BBQ) 넂 Petite France 넂 Amethyst or Ginseng Center 넂 Hotel
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    1 When the tour spot is closed it will be replaced with another tourist attraction.

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  • Itinerary

    Namiseom island where was shot and Petit France where was shot are the best locations for filming well-made TV series.

    Namiseom is famous for its beauty of nature with the metasequoia road and also with its beaufiful snowy landscape in the winter. It is the perfect place for lovers and family to stroll down. Petit France is a scene itself, as it is a small town that actual looks like a French village. You can take beautiful photos anywhere in the village and it is also a good place for a romantic date.

    - Namiseom island: The beautiful island in nature with various entertainments
    - Biking course, which allows you to `go around the Namiseom islands
    - Petit France: Beautiful village feels like you are in a fairy tale
    - Taking photos in the location

  • Information

    Nami Island + Petite France
    The best place of Hanryu Tour 쁍ameeseom Island and the rising mecca of Hanryu tour, 쁏etite France!
    Romantic Tour Spot for everyone around the world, 쁍ami Island
    A town like a fairy tale, making you feel like a child again, 쁏etite France

    You will have an opportunity to become the main character of Hanryu TV shows!
    Let us take a trip to 쁍ami Island and Petite France, which is a healing spot within 2 hour from Seoul.

    08:00~17:00 (9 hour course for a round trip)
    Hotel at Seoul -> Lunch -> Petite France -> Amethyst or Ginseng Center -> drop-off at Hotel
    Tour Points!
    + A romantic place making you feel like the main character in a TV shows, 쁍ami Island tour
    + Renowned healing spot filled with distinctive beauty of each season through the year, 쁍ami Island tour
    + Giving a great view of 50 meter-tall Metasequoia trees, 쁍ami Island tour
    + The most famous prince in the world, 쁳he Little Prince lives in this town, 쁏etite France tour'.
    + The 쁊orean Visitors Committee provided coupons for around 28,000 tour places, 쁏etite France took first place in the downloading of the coupons.
    + In a countryside of Korea, you will sightsee Europen antiques, it will be such an unconventional opportunity.
    + The place you can enjoy various artworks of Antoine de Saint-Exu-p챕ry, 쁏etite France.
    + A place where an antique melody from a hundred years old music box and the fantastic dance performance of marionette puppets are at the 쁏etite France.
    Tour Spots
    [Nami Island]
    Nami Island in Korea is not just a tour spot?!
    It is named as 쁍aminara Republic like an independent nation. When you enter Nami Island on a boat, you need to buy a board ticket at the 쁦mmigration office. Also if you want information on the tour, you need to visit 쁍aminara Republic Tour Agency.셄ami Island is a pretty renowned tour spot with as many as 3 million people visiting yearly because of this distinctive theme. More than this, about 1 million of the 3 million visitors are foreign tourists, so this is a representative Hanryu tour spot in Korea. Nami Island shows various charm throughout 365 days of the year. Cherry blossom, azalea, and lily are all over the place during spring. And during the summer time, with 50 meter tall Metasequoia trees it provides a great shady place. Red and yellowish color maple trees fill the corner of the Nami Island during the fall season, also the path created by gingko trees is very romantic. Also during the winter season, the island is famous for a great scenery of snow.
    + Path of meta-squire trees
    At the meta-squire trees road in Nami Island, over 50 meter tall huge meta-squire trees line up in a straight row. It makes a great view. This is a landmark of Nami Island, and a must-film spot for tourists. It became very famous because of this location has appeared on Hanryu TV show, 쁗inter Sonata, and now is appearing in many TV shows and movies often.
    + The place of the first kiss scene of 쁉ung-sang and 쁄u-jin in 쁗inter Sonata
    There is a bench where 쁉ung-sang and 쁄u-jin shared their first kiss in the show. They made a snowman as if the main character made one on the show which is located on a table near this bench. This is a popular photo spot of Hanryu tourists.
    + Statue of the Sonata
    There are life sized bronze statues of 쁉un-Sang and 쁄u-jin from the 쁗inter Sonata located there. When they revealed the statue at first, NHK, the Japanese media broadcasted this unveiling ceremony live. It is that famous. You can feel like you are taking picture with the main characters, this place is very popular especially with the Japanese tourists, because the show was beloved in Japan.
    + Yeon Ga Ji Ga
    Yeon Ga Ji Ga is where the first press conference of Winter Sonata, the Hanryu TV show took place. Also it is where actors and staff took rest during the filming. Now it has become a caf챕, they sell 쁆imchi lunch box of memory, 쁆imchi pan cake, 쁌akgeoli (traditional rice wine), and 쁏atbingso (Red Bean Ice Chubut.). Inside of the caf챕, there are pictures and autographs of actors for Winter Sonata. There are many attractions for Hanryu tourists.
    + Woon Chi Won
    Woon Chi Won at Nami Island is a children friendly park, which is the 14th most popular place in the world, and it is the first location in Korea approved.
    [Petite France]
    Petite France is a small French village within Korea, you will feel like you are in a fairy tale as pretty pastel toned buildings huddle together. One of the representative novelist, Saint-Exu-p챕ry, and his major work, Le Petit Prince, is the main concept of this place, they reproduced this French town. This place is also used as a shooting spot for many Korean TV shows like, 쁚ou Who Came from the Stars, and variety of shows like 쁒unning man. So Petite France became a necessary place for foreign visitors to visit who loves the Korean Wave (Han Rye). Wherever you go and take pictures, it will all come out very nicely, this is a beautiful tour spot, 쁏etite France. Even though you came to visit Korea, you will feel as if you are in France, Europe in a distance. Let us take a tour to Petite France and kill two birds with one stone.

    + Europe doll house
    Bisque dolls, which were produce in the early 19th century in Germany, Stuffed doll of France, Marionette of Czech, and other various Europe authentic dolls of about 300 are displayed. It would be a great opportunity for you to see these dolls, which has over a 100 years of history which you can see right in front of your eyes. Let us recall a heart of child and sightsee various pretty dolls. Performance of marionettes is shown every day at the doll house, dancing to the Gangnam Style song has became very popular.

    + Antique melody box House
    Antique music box, at least over 100 years old which is made in Europe during the 19th century, have crossed over the ocean and are gathered in the Republic of Korea. If you stop by the melody box house of Petite France, you can enjoy the songs played by the music box at least 5 times a day. Class and profound melody of clockworks catch the footstep of tourists.
    +Antoine de Saint-Exu-p챕ry Memorial
    This is a memorial place of the author who wrote about the most famous prince, 쁳he Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exu-p챕ry.
    Handwritten notes about the Little Prince of Antoine de Saint-Exu-p챕ry, and writings of behind the story are displayed, this location has become a must-visit place for many tourists. Let us have an uncongenial experience, where you can see the handwritten notes of the representative novelist of France, Antoine de Saint-Exu-p챕ry.

    + Antique Museum
    Antique Museum in the Petite France is created looking like the 쁓angTooAng Flea market. This market is known as one of the top 3 markets in France. At this place, glamorous ceramics, tiles, traditional dolls, and other various antiques are displayed. This will be such a great opportunity for you to sightsee European antiques in Korea. You can purchase some products, wich tempts the taste of tourists.
    + French Traditional Housing
    French Traditional Housing Center is where you can see 200 year old French pastoral houses. These housings are built by French architectures and items such as woods, poll, floor, window, and furniture estimating over 150 years old were imported so they could reproduce the old house look. You can feel as though we are traveling in France during your visit in Korea, it is a renowned place for East Asian tourists as a commemorative filming site.
    + The 3rd flood observatory
    When you go up the 3rd floor to the observatory, the scenery is spread wide open, and you can see the Chungpyeong Lake at one glance. This is a healing spot where you can implant into your heart while you look down into the fairy tale like town.
    Popular fliming site for Hanry TV shows and healing spot Nami Island + Petite France
    It is a little away from the complicated Seoul, this is a renowned healing spot with clear water and air.
    Let us have a trip of healing.(Nami Island tour + Petitie France tour)
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    1 When the tour spot is closed it will be replaced with another tourist attraction.