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Drama Shooting place *K-Pop Concert

  • 쨌 Time 09:00-17:00
    쨌 Number of persons 3
    쨌 Price 140,000 KRW
    쨌 Itinerary
    Hotel 넂 MBC Dramia 넂 Lunch 넂 Klive 넂 Dongdaemun Market 넂 N Seoul Tower 넂 Korean Star Photo Zone 넂 Department Store and Duty Free Shop 넂 Hotel
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    Do you want to feel the Korean Wave, touring shooting locations of movies or TV shows which are the hottest issues within Korean culture? Then choose a chance to experience the Korean wave tour series with Cosmojin.

    The expression, "Korean wave" is used first in Japan, Taiwan, and China when Korean pop culture became popular. Now the wave has spread to Southeast Asia. Not only the pop culture of Korea but the tremendous popularity of Korean product such as electronics or foods are also part of the Korean wave.

    Visit the major filming site of famous TV dramas like or and feel the live field of the Korean wave. There are also Korean wave experience center, photo zones, and Korean star shop to purchase souvenirs of Korean pop stars and actors.

  • Itinerary

    Grab a chance to visit the biggest set of historical TV drama in Korea! Shout and release your stress in the world셲 first hologram concert of K-pop stars. Drama Shooting place* K-Pop Concert is the place you can experience those dynamic activities.

    Dramia is a huge set where it makes major buildings that are part of the Korean history to be filmed for Korean movies and TV dramas. You can recreate the scene where countless films were produced.

    K-live is the first K-pop stars hologram concert theater of the world. Holograms are very lifelike with excellent acoustics and vivid lights, which are powerful enough to pull you into the mood of the Korean wave.

    Dongdaemun market is the best shopping street where it is leading in the Korean fashion trends. It is a large market street where you can purchase all fashion items from head to toe for 20~30% cheaper price.

    Seoul tower shows a panorama of Seoul and even North Korea when the weather is good. It is also a world sight that must be checked out since it is shown and is a popular shooting location for many Korean films. The tower is a trendy place that must be visited.

    You can enjoy shopping for famous luxury brands and local Korean brands for duty-free prices in Lotte department store. It has the biggest supermarket in the basement level and there is a star photo zone to take photos with Korean stars on the ground floor.

    - Dramia: The major stage of Korean TV historical dramas
    - Klive: The only theater to enjoy performance of K-pop hologram concert
    - Dongdaemun Market: Shopping paradise for night and day
    - Seoul Tower: The symbol of Seoul and a location for filming
    - Korean star photo zone: The spot to take picture with models of Korean stars
    - Lotte duty-free: The best shopping center in Seoul

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