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Cityrama Seoul (14)

  • 쨌 Time 13:00-17:00
    쨌 Number of persons 2
    쨌 Price 79,000 KRW
    쨌 Itinerary
    The Hotel Where you stay넂 Bongeunsa (Buddhist temple) 넂 COEX Aquarium 넂 COEX Mall 넂 Han River Cruise 넂 Hotel
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    *The schedule for the Han River Cruise may be changed.

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  • Highlight of Tour Spot

    Spanning more than 310 miles (500 km) at about 0.62 miles (1 km) wide, the Han River (Hangang) is one of the most important rivers in South Korea. A full-on tourism destination, a warm or even brisk day affords you the chance to explore the well-groomed pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths. Take the kids around as visitors and locals alike enjoy the soothing ambiance of the river beside while jogging, fishing or just hanging out in one of its many cafes. If you are so inclined you can even jet ski.

    The Hangang Park also has playgrounds if you just want to sit and relax while the kids use up some energy. Unfortunately there are no real restaurants, but it is still a great place to picnic with the family or a loved one. One of the more popular things to do here is to take a boat cruise for a relaxing ride around, or for special occasions, boats can be booked a night soiree.

    There are several subway lines that will cross the river depending on where you are and where along the river you want to go. For a lovely night time stroll, get out at the Yeouinaru Subway and go directly to the Cascade shown on the directional map at the entrance of the park. Otherwise, if you are looking for a little exercise, you can rent bikes for the day for about $5 at a few easily accessible locations that also offer drop-off points.

    There is a big temple right across from Samsung station where is located in the center of town that draws everyone셲 attention. The temple, Bongeunsa, is one of representative temples in Seoul which is placed in downtown. And it also has thousands of history.
    Venerable Yeonhue, the national Master Buddhist monk of the Unified Shilla dynasty, founded the Bongeun Temple in the 10th year of King Wonseong셲 reign(794).

    The temple was called Bongeunsa since the reconstruction of it to build a mausoleum of Seongjong(the 9th king of the Joseon Dynasty). Many Seon masters, such as Seosan and Samyung were among those selected through the exam in Bongeunsa. Many parts were destroyed in the Manchu war of 1636 and the Korean War and restored later on.

    Bongeunsa also have rich in relics as much as its history. It is preserving the 321st treasure, the silver-lined bronze incense burner in the Korean Dynasty(which is in Dongguk University museum now), the Signboard written by Kim jeonghee(the famous calligrapher of Joseon Dynasty) for the library of engravings, and many engravings of Buddhist scripture. Also 23 meter size of the biggest statue of Maitreya in Korea will attract you. It is an honor to have such a historic temple in the heart of Seoul city.

    COEX Mall is the largest underground shopping mall in Asia and is connected to several exhibition halls, a convention center, a hotel, a department store and an office building. The mall houses around 260 stores and leisure facilities including fashion, beauty, entertainment and cultural spaces, and offers a pleasurable one-stop shopping experience, regardless of the weather.
    As the largest underground shopping mall in Asia, COEX Mall has got everything you need, all in one place. Shopaholics and fashionistas will appreciate the hundreds of clothing and accessories stores carrying both domestic brands and international brands, as well as designer and luxury brands. The dining options are endless with the many restaurants and cafes that are available here. The Megabox Cineplex, one of Korea's largest movie theater chains, is also located here, with a total of 17 screens. Other popular attractions at the mall include the Kimchi Museum, the COEX Aquarium, the ASEM Plaza and the Event Court, where various performances and exciting events such as classical concerts, mini concerts and magic shows are offered every week.
    COEX Aquarium, which opened in 2000, is situated at Samseong-dong COEX Mall and is home to 40,000 marine creatures from 650 different species. As the largest marine theme park in Korea, COEX Aquarium showcases the incredible diversity of aquatic life around the globe across a series of 14 themed discovery zones, from the heights of the Andean mountains to the depths of the Amazonian rainforest, in ecosystems ranging from rivers and swamps to the deep sea. COEX aquarium is included in our tour course.

    The Hangang (River) Cruise is one of the best ways to enjoy the Hangang (River). There are 8 different docks from which to board, including Yeouido, Jamsil, Yangwha, Ttukseom, Sangam, Seoul Forest, Jamdubong and Seonyudo. The cruises have different themes allowing passengers to enjoy live performances and fine dining as they admire the scenery. The romance of the Hangang makes river cruises very popular with lovers all throughout the year.

    Taking a cruise is a great way to enjoy the fresh air and get away from it all. Enjoy spectacular nighttime views of the Hangang on themed cruises with live magic and delicious food, guaranteed to create unforgettable memories for families, lovers and friends alike. There are also seasonal events including a flower cruise in spring and a migratory bird cruise in autumn.

  • Itinerary

    Cityrama tour is a luxury course with the hottest spots in Gangnam. You can expect historical, cultural, and fun experiences through a special tour of Gangnam, the center of Korean economic development, and getting on a cruise on Hang River before finishing the meaningful day.
    Gangnam style, the amazing shock on the world in 2012!!
    And Gangnam, the leader of the world trend and it with Gangnam style, and the place where the global brand Samsung is located.
    Can you believe that Gangnam, the busiest place of Seoul, have the biggest Buddhist temple in Korea World Trade Center? You can feel a peaceful air of temple in a concrete jungle, and also can enjoy watching movie, going every kind of shopping like clothes, cosmetics, and music album and even the aquarium in COEX mall, the huge underground town. You can see and touch various marine lives in the aquarium. Enjoy your fantastic fish parade in the biggest aquarium in Seoul.
    The world is amazed by rapid development of Korea, the miracle of the Han River. Enjoy the relaxed time in Cruise on the Han River.

    - Historical, cultural and heritage tour of Seoul
    - Buddhist temple of thousands of history in the center of busy concrete jungle.
    - See more than 40,000 sea creatures at the COEX Aquarium
    - Whole places from Gangnam to Gangbuk in Seoul at once : Han River Cruise

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